Espen ”Ash Lad”, a poor farmer’s son, embarks on a dangerous quest with his brothers to save the princess from a vile troll known as the Mountain King – in order to collect a reward and save his family’s farm from ruin.The Ash Lad in the Hall of the Mountain King is an adventure film based on Asbj?rnsen and Moes classic tales about the Ash Lad.为了得到国王的赏赐和避免自家的农场遭到破坏,穷小子艾斯本( ”Ash Lad” 或者Askeladen)和他的兄弟们开始了拯救被巨型山妖囚禁的公主之旅。本片是挪威著名作家Asbj?rnsen和Moe的经典代表作。


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